As book editor, I work on monographs in close cooperation with the photographer in editing and sequencing the images for the bookpublication.

I am known to be honest, brutally honest according to some. But the honesty has a reason: it creates clarity. I am indeed honest, but also sincere and empathic. In close cooperation we can create an edit that tells your story. When the edit is on the table, I’ll include a brief to give to your designer, so that the book stays true to your ideas.

With more than a decade of hands-on experience in the photography industry, having worked with instiutions such as World Press Photo, Agence VU’, PrixPictet, Noorderlicht, and individual photographers such as Carlos Cazalis, Jeroen Toirkens, Munem Wasif, Pieter ten Hoopen, and many others, I understand what you want to say, and how to use your photographs to express that.

An Incomplete History, Ananda van der Pluijm, September 2015, Schilt Publishing
North Korean Perspectives, various artists, March 2015 Aurora Borealis
Paradise, Edwin Koo, January 2014, ArtPostAsia Singapore
Visage, Edwin Koo, January 2014, ArtPostAsia Singapore
The Stamp of Loneliness, Nazik Armenakyan, December 2013, selfpublished
Solitude, in the wake of Willem Barentsz, Jeroen Toirkens, November 2013, Lannoo Publishers
Mingong, The Pursuit of Happiness, Wolfgang Müller, October 2012 – Vice Versa Verlag
Nomad, Jeroen Toirkens, March 2011 – Lannoo Publishers (2nd edition, April 2013)
The Ferry of Istanbul – Encounters along the Bosporus, Nicole Segers, February 2010 Lemniscaat Publishers (French Edition October 2013, Les Editions Noir sur Blanc)